Terms and Conditions

I. Introductory Provisions

  1. This document regulates the terms of use of the Nutrient service, as well as other legal relationships arising from the use of the Nutrient service (the “Terms”).
  2. The Nutrient Service (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) provides users of the Service (hereinafter referred to as “Users/User”) with individual meal plans. The Service also provides the contract mediation on behalf of the User. The object of the contract is groceries necessary for the preparation of the dishes in the meal plan on behalf of the User.
  3. The Service Provider (available at www.nutrient.app) is:
    Registered seat: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX
    Company No: 11238932
    VAT Reg No: 289 5742 41
    Email: info@nutrient.app
    (hereinafter referred to as the “Provider”)
  4. The food supplier is:
    Company: FreshDirect, LLC
    Registered seat: 2 St Ann's Ave, Bronx, NY 10454
    (hereinafter referred to as “Supplier”)

II. Nutrient Service

  1. The Nutrient service is available at www.nutrient.app.
  2. The Service provides individual meal plans (hereinafter referred to as "Meal Plan") and provides a contract mediation on behalf of the User with the Supplier. The object of the contract is a purchase of groceries necessary for the preparation of the dishes in the Meal Plan.
  3. The Meal Plan is generated automatically after completing the initial consultation (hereinafter referred to as “Consultation”) by the User, which is part of the registration. The Meal Plan is sent to the User via the application available at www.nutrient.app (hereinafter referred to as “Application”).

III. User Registration

  1. User registration is available at www.nutrient.app. In order to use the Service, the User must complete the Consultation upon registration, on the basis of which the Meal Plan is prepared regularly.
  2. In the Consultation the User can choose whether the Meal Plan will be prepared for more people.
  3. In the Consultation, the User must provide the following true information:
    1. Contact details – full name, email address, delivery address, phone
    2. Data on physical structure, lifestyle, nutritional preferences and allergies
  4. The User's personal data and the health status of the User are handled in accordance with the document "Privacy Policy".

IV. Conclusion of a Contract between the User and the Provider

  1. The object of the contract between the User and the Provider is the provision of the Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Contract”).
  2. The Contract between the User and the Provider is concluded upon completion of the registration.
  3. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period. The User may terminate the provision of the Service according to Article XI of the Terms.

V. Contract Mediation with the Supplier

  1. The Provider mediates the conclusion of a purchase contract with the Supplier on behalf of the User. The object of the contract is groceries necessary for preparation of dishes listed in the Meal Plan.
  2. The User is obliged to choose in the Application the time and the place of the delivery.
  3. The fee of the mediation is 10% of the price of the purchase (hereinafter referred to as the “Fee”).
  4. The User can make complaints of the purchase to the Supplier at the e-mail address: service@freshdirect.com.

VI. Price

  1. The price of the Service is calculated as the sum of price of the groceries and the Fee.
  2. The User sees the price of every purchase in the Application before choosing the time of the delivery.
  3. Service price includes VAT.
  4. The Provider sends the tax document electronically to the email address specified by the User in the Consultation.

VII. Payment terms

  1. All payments are made in advance via the Stripe payment gateway (available at https://stripe.com/). This step also entitles the Provider to automatically make subsequent payments.
  2. If the payment is not made properly, the Provider is not obliged to provide the Service.

VIII. Limitation of Liability

  1. The service provides nutritionally balanced meal plans for people without health problems and without dietary restrictions for health reasons. If the User has some diet restrictions, the Provider cannot guarantee the suitability of the Meal Plan for these persons. The Provider shall not be liable for any injury caused to these persons.
  2. The Provider is not liable for any damage or injury caused by incorrect completion of the Consultation.
  3. For persons with health problems associated with dietary restrictions, the service does not fully replace individual professional advice. In cases of specific health problems, individual consultation of a physician is recommended.

IX. Rights and obligations of the Provider

  1. The Provider is obliged to properly operate the Service, in particular by:
    1. Making the Application available at www.nutrient.app
    2. Preparing the Meal Plans on time and properly for the Users
  2. The Provider is obliged to allow access to the Application as soon as the registration is completed.
  3. The Provider is obliged to provide the Users with Meal Plans with respect to the content of the Consultation.
  4. The Provider is obliged to use and protect the personal data of Users in accordance with the Privacy Policy document. The provider is entitled to provide personal data of users to a third party.
  5. The Provider is not responsible for the continuous operation of the Application and the website www.nutrient.app.

X. Rights and Obligations of Users

  1. The user is obliged to fill in correct and truthful information about himself, especially Contact Information (full name, email address, delivery address, phone).
  2. The User is entitled to use the Service immediately after the registration is completed.
  3. The User is entitled to terminate the provision of the Service (see Article XI).
  4. By submitting the registration form, the User declares that he/she has read these Terms and Conditions, understood their content and agrees with their content and undertakes to comply with them.
  5. By agreeing to the Terms, the User agrees to the Supplier's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

XI. Termination of the Service and withdrawal from the Agreement

  1. The User and the Provider are entitled to withdraw from the Contract for legal reasons.
  2. The User is entitled to terminate the Service at any time. The Service is terminated upon delivery of a written notice to the Provider.

XII. Copyright

  1. AI Nutrition Ltd is the owner of the Service.
  2. The Service is a copyright work.
  3. The content of the Service may not be freely distributed, modified or stored, or to exercise other property rights to it without the Provider's consent.

XIII. Final Provisions

  1. The Provider reserves the right to unilaterally amend and supplement these Terms and Conditions, including the price of the Service. Changes to the Terms and Conditions become effective upon publication at www.nutrient.app. The Provider shall inform the User of the change of conditions in an appropriate manner.
  2. The legal relationship between the Provider and Users is governed by the laws of the United States of America.
  3. In the event that any provision of these Terms and Conditions becomes invalid for conflict with law or morality, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the other provisions and the validity and effectiveness of these Terms and Conditions. The Provider is obliged to replace the invalid provision with a new one, which shall be agreed in the spirit of the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

New York, 26 October 2019