Inside Nutrient: How we develop our recipes

At Nutrient everything starts with good nutrition in mind. Our goal is to create balanced, feel-good meals that will fuel your day and deliver maximum taste with minimum effort.

The developing process that we follow has 6 steps.

1. Creating a list of natural, unprocessed ingredients

Our nutrition team hand-picked a list of natural, unprocessed ingredients and the Nutrient crew made sure that you get the best quality of products and a  good value for your money. In collaboration with a local grocery store we matched each ingredient of our list to the healthiest option available. We prioritized wholesome, unprocessed food without unnecessarily added chemicals. We are constantly in touch with our retailers to get you multiple packaging options and different sizes, ensuring that you stay on budget and that you don't end up with a bunch of leftovers, wasting food or energy. So you eat clean and you keep the environment and your consciousness cleaner.

Are you curious how a Nutrient recipe is created? This is the second step of the process.

2. Choosing the fundamental ingredients for each recipe

Always having a balanced ratio of macro and micro nutrients in mind, keeping track of the carbs, proteins, fats and vitamins, our chefs start by picking a basic ingredient that will be the foundation of the meal. It could be pasta, fish or a certain vegetable, as long as it’s unprocessed and delicious!

3. Food pairing

Then it's all about food pairing. With a list of natural ingredients in hand, they marry this basic ingredient with a few simple classic combos that together will create a burst of flavors that go really well together. Some things are undeniably made to be together, like tomatoes and basil or olive oil and garlic and we utilize those basic guidelines to create a delicious recipe. We start with the classics and add a twist, and an unique finishing touch, which is the secret behind our addicting recipes. Good nutrition is not about boring, depriving diets but wholesome, unprocessed homemade food and that’s our basic mindset when we create recipes for you.

4. The preparation method

Then our chefs move on to explaining the preparation methods, techniques, and instructions. We like to keep it simple, clear and informative so that you can easily follow up the step by step guidelines. Moreover, we do our best to use minimum equipment and stick to the basics for your convenience.

5. Our chefs cook and test the recipes

Next, as the preparation method has been specified we make sure that the ratios and timing are on point. Our chefs try out every single recipe, then we are going back to pen and paper (or screen and keyboard) and modify each ingredient, ratios and time according to our real-life findings.

6. A group of testers evaluate the recipes

When the recipe is perfect and polished it goes straight to a team of testers who will impartially try the recipes and rate them based on taste, serving time and instruction clarity. Our testers have to be meticulously thorough, scrupulous and precise because we take their feedback very seriously and adapt our recipes according to it while sticking to the same nutritional value and making sure they taste as good as we intend.

Then the recipes are ready to meet our real users and fill your kitchen with delicious smells! We are only happy when you are happy so we read every single one of your comments and promptly keep track of your feedback to comprehend what you like and what you enjoy the most! Then we incorporate all these into the next batch of recipes and head to our kitchens to create some more culinary magic!

Tortilla Sushi Rolls

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